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Hey there.

My name is Björn Gögge. I am an author and musician. I've been touring and performing on literary stages for almost five years now. But I also like to host events in that area and have been doing so for about the same time. What originally got me on stage was music. On Christmas Eve 1999 I got my first keyboard and was hooked ever since. At the age of 14 puberity decided that it was cooler to play base and guitar. I started playing concerts with various bands of different genres.

When I turned 17 or 18 I really got into beat making and started to produce my own tracks, that had a jazzy/oldschool-vibe. Simultaneously, I went on a week long tour with my band back then for the very first time. And for someone who had only been playing in his hometown, this was a big deal.


Now I am playing solo piano music mixed with a little bit of electronica and ambient. There really has been a shift in my life from performing with other people (like in bands, theater-groups, or the school's choir) to being on stage completely alone. And in addition to all the art-madness, I give workshops at schools and universities (or generally interested people) in the field of creative writing. 

If you are into accomplishments, listings and whatnot, please take a look at the "works"-section. You will find a list of stuff that I have been lucky to do. If you're looking for more basic info or photos, you can download the press kit provided below.


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